White Lily

White Lily


The smell of the cooking soup brought up a smile on to his face. Carefully, he puts in some slices of marinated fish and vegetables along with the spices he’s prepared.

“No, it’s not like that, you have to cut it horizontally!”

A raven haired man scratched his head as the slightly shorter man looked at him with teary eyes.

“Bu-but you didn’t tell me…”

“It’s a fish, Yuya. Have you ever seen someone cut a fish vertically?”

Tegoshi shook his head, earning a sigh from the person beside him.

“Gomen ne, Ryo-tan…”

‘Damn’ Ryo cursed. A sense of guilt approached him when he saw the glitter in the brunette’s eyes.

“It’s okay, I should’ve known. Now stop being so gloomy or we won’t make it before he comes back.”

A chuckle rang through the kitchen, followed by a muffled voice.

“Onegaishimasu, Nishikido-sensei!”

Stirring the ingredients, he looks outside the window and sees white. It is now twenty fourth of December and is snowing heavily.

“I’m freezing.”

He smiled sheepishly upon receiving a glare from his friend

“C’mon Shige~ you said you were going to help me-”

“I said I was helping you decorating his house, I didn’t say I’m going to help you to decorate outside his house!”

He winced and walked away from the other boy

“Fine, you old man!”

He didn’t see the twig that was on his way and stumbled. Normally he would cry and ask for help, but this time his pride didn’t allow him, so he looked back and glared daggers at the ‘old man’, as if saying that it was his fault.

“You annoying, selfish piece of meat!”

grumbled the ‘old man’ as he lifted him up.

“But you know you love me, Shige.”

He smirks and Shige stuck out his tongue.


His hands are trembling. He takes out a pair of wool gloves from the draft and wears them. He rubs his now gloved hands and puts it inside his pockets.

Being born not as a patient person, he moaned and put his half knitted scarf down.

“Why, Tegoshi? If you want to finish it by tomorrow, you better continue now.”

A skinny, blonde haired man sat beside him.

“Kei-chan, I’m so not going to make it.”

He covered his tired eyes with his hand.

“So you’re not giving it to him? You give up?”

He twitched an eyebrow, suddenly feeling more energetic than ever

“Tegoshi Yuya and ‘give up’ are not meant to be together!”

He took the yet-to-be-finished scarf and began knitting.

“Hehehe… That’s the Tegoshi I know! Let me make you a hot chocolate.”

Koyama smiled and patted his shoulder

“Thanks, Kei-chan!”

He closes the saucepan with the lid and takes out a baking pan full of cookies from the oven. Chocolate chunk with almond cookies.

His favorite.

A knocking sound came from his front door. He opened it and jumped when he saw the person.

“Massu! Nice timing you have!”

Before the person could say anything, he dragged him into his room and thrust him a cookie jar.

“Try them, it’s homemade.”

He smiled brightly, showing off his teeth to the chubby boy in front of him. Sure if it was Shige he would’ve refuse to eat it, but it was Massu and if Massu refuse anything edible, pigs would soon be flying.

“How? Is it good??”

Tegoshi’s eyes were sparkling when Massu mumbled ‘Un...’ with cookies still in his mouth, oblivious to the fact that he was made a guinea pig by his very best friend, not that he cared anyway, as long as there is food.


Deciding that it’ll be alright to leave the kitchen for a while, he washes his hands and takes five eating utensils. He then proceeds to the dinner table where a bouquet of white lilies is waiting. He arranges the utensils and takes the flowers out of the wrapper, placing them inside a glass vase, not forgetting to half-fill it with water.


“Uwaah~! So much flowers!!”
He beamed. A flower garden, that is. Yamapi’s decided to bring him to a flower garden on their first date.

Even though the entire place was practically amazing, Tegoshi couldn’t help but to stop at one particular spot. It was where pots of pink roses were arranged neatly on and under a table. So mesmerized he was, he didn’t realize that his lover was watching him with an amused grin.

“Seems like I’ve been defeated by the flowers, huh?”

It took him a few seconds to get what Yamapi was talking about.

“No, silly, they can’t kiss back like you do.”

He replied with a sly smile.

“Just because of that?”

Yamapi feigned a pout and Tegoshi laughed his trademark, infectious laughter.

At the time they reached Tegoshi’s house, Yamapi told him to wait for a moment and took something out of his car. It was a huge bouquet of white lilies. The shorter man just gaped, not knowing how the buffed man managed to buy the thing without him noticing.

“I know it’s not the one you want.”

He wanted to reply but Yamapi continued,

“Do you know what the meaning of white lily is?”

The boy thought quickly and shook his head, expecting something like ‘let’s make a fresh start’ or something to do with a start.

“It means ‘purity’, ‘modesty’, ‘majesty’, ‘ virginity’… ”

He handed Tegoshi the bouquet and with a smile kissed the younger boy’s forehead.

“ ‘It’s heavenly to be with you’ ”


Smelling the fresh scent of the flowers, he sighs contentedly. Almost everything is ready. He wears his coat and goes out of his house. The sight of a sole pine tree, embellished with Christmas decorations turns him breathless for a second.



He turns to see Yamapi but instead of the man’s face, he saw brown.

“Phuah!! Yamapi!!!”

He stopped digging to wipe his face.

“How dare you throw fertilizer at my face!??”

He inquired with a false angry tone. The other laughed mockingly and tackled him onto the ground.

“Great, not only my face, now my whole body is full of dirt.”

He struggled effortlessly, secretly enjoying the body heat of his lover.

“No worries! Nanny-pi will take the responsibility to bath you after this~!”

If anybody walked into the scene, he might think that Yamapi was raping the smaller man.


He circled his arms around the man on top of him.

“And yet you enjoy it.”

The taller man grinned and snuggled his face on Tegoshi’s hair.

“Well, as much as I enjoy it, the tree won’t plant itself and it’s getting dark.”

Softly, he pushed Yamapi and they continued digging. It was around eight when they finally finished.

“Isn’t it nice?”

Yamapi asked as Tegoshi leaned his head on his shoulder.

“What is?”

“We will celebrate Christmas every year right here at your place. We will cook and decorate the tree and invite our friends, and I will brag about the cookies you made. We stay awake until midnight and do the countdown together and I will kiss you as a Christmas present.”

Tegoshi laughed, weariness clearly shown in his voice.


Yamapi stuck his little finger in front of Tegoshi’s face. He still managed to slip a short laugh before entwining their fingers together.



He stares at the tree, memories flying inside his mind. He chuckles when he remembers how he would throw tantrums and cry at the graveyard. How he would kick the tree like mad and be unable to walk the next day.
How Shige would come twice every day just to make sure he was alright.
How Kei-chan would come anytime to do anything he needed.
How Massu would refuse to eat unless he did the same.
How Ryo would plea to him so that he stops hurting himself.

Smiling, he gives the tree one last glance before returning back to his house, waiting for his friends to come.


That night he dreams

A garden of white lilies

His favorite song playing

A man in white suit

In his hand is a white lily

Fragile yet strong

He always remembers


not modest nor a majesty

that is who I am

no longer pure no longer a virgin

that is what I have become

no regrets not saddening

without you who brought me there

heaven is a place I would never be in

not asking I’m pleading

will you kiss me one more time?


I should've posted it on tegopi_kissu fic contest.. Stupid me T__T
~end of ranting~
Uh, first sorry for any grammatical error for it wasn't beta-ed, my bad m(_ _)m
Second, sorry if it's too vague *not a vivid story-writer*
Third, sorry if the poem sucks X3
Forth, sorry it's not Christmas-y at all X(
But despite all that, if you're still reading I'd like to thank you, big time!!!! *throws hugs*
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お誕生日おめでとう, 手越祐也!!

Yayyy~ Finally it's 11th of November *throws confetti*
I stayed up late to make this birthday fan-art in rush XD
Hope you all like it, because I do! *blocks face from a dozen of thrown tomatoes*

Okay~, to the lameness number 1!! X3

I actually draw all of them because it's also for NEWS debut celebration and Ryo's BD *lazy girl*

Focusing on the birthday boy

I wanted to draw the whole face but *glances at the time* I couldn't make it..

and last, because I'm a die-hard TegoPi fans XD

To those who had opened this post, sankyuu!
and sorry I you're not contented with my fan-art :)

Comments & Critiques are always welcomed!!


Masuda Takahisa & some chibi HSJ fan-art

I've promised to draw all of NEWS' current members, now It's Massu's turn!!
Nyehehe~ I've got only 3 members left~~ *is happy*
Hope you all like it ^^
Athough I feel it's not as good as Tego's or Pi's...
JE in glasses may be gorgeous but, drawing it is not a wise thing to do
for an amateur like me... =_="

Click to see the real size

there are also 2 chibi style HSJ members fan-art,
I myself don't know why I didn't draw Chinen first.. maybe because he's hard to draw??


he looks more like Shintaro than Ryuu XD


Did I exaggerate too much on his teeth?? =P

Comments and critiques are equally loved, feel free to do so !

The Heartless and The Beloved Ch.3

Title : The Heartless and The Beloved Ch-13
Pairing : TegoPi, TomaTego (Ikuta Toma & Tegoshi Yuya), slight ShigePi

Genre : Angst *gasp*

Rating : pg-13 maybe?

Summary : Shige wants to pick a fight?
chapter 1 & 2

!Please take notice that the parts in brown are Yamapi’s part

and the dark blue parts are Tegoshi’s!

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Ueda Tatsuya & TegoPi fan-art

Uepi is my fav member of KAT-TUN, so I decided to draw him
since I failed 3 times at drawing Chinen...
Just for you to know, drawing him is HARD
I failed twice and when I finally like what I was doing, I erased the paper too hard and it TEARED
............................ *insert depressed crying sounds*
Fortunately, I photo-ed some parts of the process
because some of people don't seem to believe that I really drew Pi and Tego
*sorry 4 being sarcastic, but it hurts me LOL*
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The Heartless and The Beloved Ch.1 and 2 ~remake~

Title : The Heartless and The Beloved Ch-1
Pairing : TegoPi, TomaTego (Ikuta Toma & Tegoshi Yuya), slight ShigePi

Genre : Angst *gasp*

Rating : pg-13 maybe?

Summary : Tegoshi is a confuse young man who lives alone and doesn't seem to understand himself, Yamapi is someone mysterious who suddenly appears in his life with a hidden task to complete. Toma is Tegoshi's only friend in the college and Shige is his knew friend who's introduced himself as Yamapi's childhood friend

!!If you've read chapter one before, you can skip and read the 2nd chapter
*I'm just deleting the prologue anyway =P*!!

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